March 19, 2015

Sophie's 2nd Birthday Party

Sophie turned TWO today! I'll do a separate post on her two year stats later, but wanted to share some pictures of her party. It was a small gathering that we had before her actual birthday while Grandmari and Uncle D were visiting. We got her a birthday donut (one of her favorite treats), stuck in candles, sang "Happy Birthday," and then opened some presents.

Oh how she loves presents! She knows what wrapping paper means and her eyes light up when she sees a gift. Thinking it would be better to spread the fun out over a week, we let her open a few presents each day rather than everything all at once. This was maybe not the best idea as she has now become a sweet, yet spoiled little monster who keeps asking for "more presents." We know now that making presents appear day after day for almost a week was the wrong expectation to set. Oops!

She was able to blow the candles out by herself!

Digging in to her donut

The Birthday Gang

Opening presents

We gave her a Minnie Mouse shirt, a stick horse, and fruit cutting set

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