March 14, 2015


Sophie is my helper and buddy on Saturdays. We always make a grocery run on Saturday mornings, and then we go do something fun. Today the plan was a trip to the park, but it was super windy outside so we went up to play in her room instead. I'll admit that sometimes her games can be tedious, but I'm making an effort to "savor the moments" and today we had a lot of fun.

First we cleaned her bathroom to get ready for Grandmari's visit. She LOVES it when I let her help and so I put her to work on the mirror. Maybe in a few years she'll be able to take over some chores for me :)

Anytime we play in her room she asks me to get out her baby seat. She loves to try and do the buckles, but it's getting harder and harder to snap them closed. Stop getting so big baby girl!

Then we played blocks. "Play blocks" is probably one of her favorite things to do. We do it every morning when she wakes up, and after breakfast, and after nap, and after dinner, and during bath, and before bed...

Next we played another favorite game - "go night night" She very lovingly tucked in her animals and made sure they were all cozy. 

Then she decided she needed more friends, so she got up and grabbed every stuffed animal she could find and found some more blankets. I told her that if she was going night-night, then she needed to close her eyes, which she did :)

Oh how I love her

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