March 15, 2015

Princess Party Fun

Yesterday Sophie went to a princess birthday part for her friend Peyton. Peyton is the daughter of her babysitter, and Sophie absolutely loves her. She is like a friend, a cousin, and a sister all rolled into one. I went along with her to the party since she was quite a bit younger than the other guests. This morning I asked her if she had fun at the party and she said "oh yes." The highlights for her were meeting Elsa, and wearing a Belle dress - she thought both of those were pretty special!

The party started with some mini-makeovers for the girls. Sophie had her nails painted pink.

The pretty princesses - we don't have any princess dresses so Sophie was thrilled with the Belle dress that Peyton let her borrow

The moment Elsa and Anna arrived - Sophie was a little awestruck

Playing games with Anna and Elsa

At one point Elsa asked her what her favorite animal was and after a lot of thinking, she replied "Cinderella"

Happy Birthday Peyton!

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