March 10, 2015

Photo dump

This post is mostly a photo dump with bits of narrative mixed in here and there. Some pictures are from my phone, and some are from my camera. I have decided to devote more time to learning how to take better pictures with my camera, specifically pictures that are really in focus. So many are slightly blurry, and I love them anyway, but I could do better. Sophie is not an easy test subject because she moves around like crazy, but practice makes perfect, right?

My baby will turn two next week. Sometimes I wish I could keep her little.

On Friday it was "Dress Like a Pirate" day at my school - argh!

On Saturday we went to the farm again. Sophie ran back and forth, bringing one blade of grass at a time to feed to this horse. He was very patient and gentle with her. 

My two favorites

Oh Sophie. The other day she told me she loved me "a little much" (normally it's "sooooo much") because I made her go to Costco with me when she wanted to stay home with Dave. Although she was really angry with me, it made me laugh to hear how she expressed it. 

The nice weather has meant lots of time outside. I took her to a nearby playground with a big sandbox and she had so much fun building piles and digging holes. She had sand in every crevice when we got home. I bet she is going to love the beach when we go this summer!

Construction has started on I-15 that is supposed to last until Fall of 2016. Yuck. So far our commute has only been a few minutes longer than normal and I hope it stays that way. Sophie is a pro in the car, but I've started bringing some books to make the trip more enjoyable for her. 

Today was so incredibly nice. Although I'm still mourning our lack of snow this winter, I will never complain about a day like today. After work I took her down to the little play area by our house. We met the neighbor's cat there, who Sophie is always excited to see. It's a very friendly (and tolerant) cat that doesn't mind some Sophie lovin'.

Tonight we had a tub incident (I thought of you Janie). I thought she might need to go, so I asked her over and over again if she needed to get out and use the potty and she always said no, and then she pooped. She immediately scrambled to get out of the tub and said "shower!" and took off running for my room. Even though it had been awhile since the last incident, she knew pooping in the tub equaled a trip to the shower. The little stinker. 

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Jane Anne said...

Ah! The things in motherhood that unite us all!! I'm truly sorry for you. Sophie has such big, soulful brown eyes. I can't believe she is turning two!!