February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We had a low key Valentine's day this year, like we do pretty much every year. We said we wouldn't do anything special for this day, but I decided that it was a good excuse to get each other something we were intending to buy anyway so I got a membership to Thanksgiving Point and Dave got an Xbox live account. We also met my grandma for dinner at Chuck-A-Rama. It was fun to eat with her, and it's always a treat to not have to cook or clean!

My cute girl with the flowers we got to give my grandma. Sophie helped me pick these out at the store and of course chose a bouquet with purple flowers. 

At dinner with my grandma -  thank you  grandma for the delicious cinnamon cake you gave us!

And, just for fun, my baby then and now. She has grown so much in just one year!!



Jane Anne said...

Wow! What a big change in Sophie! Fun that you got to eat dinner with Grandma.

Angela said...

your trip to Disneyland looked amazing. You are a great photographer. I took a 18 month old to Disneyland once and I remember how hard it was to keep her happy in the lines. I love the pictures you posted of Sophie last Valentines and this Valentines day. What a change.