February 28, 2015

February Roundup

This month went by so fast! Probably because we working hard and playing hard:

Dave finished a paper for school that he has been working on for the better part of two years. It was approved this week and we are both happy to have it behind us. He is now preparing to take comps - his comprehensive exams where he has to know everything. No pressure!

I have really been enjoying work. It's been a great year at the school - the kids are happy, the parents are happy, and the staff is happy, including me! I really love my job. I also am having a hard time believing that Sophie will turn two in just a few weeks.

Sophie has been her usual, happy self. Some memorable Sophie moments from this month are (in words and pictures):
  • At Disneyland my sister and I were waiting with the kids by the Mark Twain riverboat while the others rode Thunder Mountain Railroad. At one point I turned around and found her down on her hands and knees drinking from a puddle on the sidewalk like a dog. So, so gross. 
  • She has learned to say "yes!" It's amazing how kids learn to say "no" as one of their first words, and then months, even a year later they finally learn yes. 
  • One morning we were watching the Today show and Sophie was very intrigued by Al Roker's "naked head."
  • She has started sucking on her fingers. They are always in her mouth and it drives me nuts. Her hands are always wet now and everything she touches gets covered in slobber. Ugh. I hope this is short-lived phase. 
We've been doing lots, and lots of reading. She has started making the transition from board books to real books. Her favorites are Little Critter, Clifford, Curious George and anything Disney related. 

It's snowing as I write this (hooray!), but for the most part this February has been warm and dry. We've enjoyed lots of playtime outside. One day we spend an hour gathering little airsoft bbs that were all over the ground.

Since it feels like spring has come (the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the tulips are blooming), I have started cleaning out our house. I am going through every corner, drawer, closet, and shelf and deciding what to keep, relocate, donate or throw away.  It's going really well and I love how much we have gotten rid of. Sophie put this outfit together when I was going through our hats and scarves. 

I have been enjoying my Thanksgiving Point membership and the last two Fridays Sophie and I have made trips to the Curiosity Museum and the Dinosaur Museum. 

At the dinosaur museum I asked her how many teeth this shark had and she said "two, two, two, two, TWO" which I guess her way of saying a lot!

I have still not cut her hair and it is starting to get so long! 

Sophie is obsessed with any thing that can be turned into a "house." I'm thinking it's probably a good thing our couch cushions don't come off or we would have a fort set up in our front room all day long.

One morning I told Sophie she was so cute, and she said right back to me, "no momma, I naked!"

Dave took Sophie to the free zoo day again this month


Jane Anne said...

That Disneyland story!! I am dying!! She is just gorgeous.

Angela said...

I have also spent hours picking up airsoft bbs. Funny how kids like picking them up even when they have no gun to put them in.