February 18, 2015

Farm Country

This week is parent conferences at my school so I get off work a little earlier than normal. I decided to use the extra time (and my new membership!) to meet up with my friend Heather and her kids at the Thanksgiving Point farm. What a fun place! We saw lots of animals, milked a cow, went on a tractor ride, and Sophie rode a pony. And it was so nice outside! No coats needed today, which is so abnormal for February in Utah.

We pass by Thanksgiving Point on our drive home to and from work every day so we will probably be spending a lot of time here in the near future. I am planning to meet Heather again on Friday to visit the new Curiosity Museum, and we heard today that several baby animals are on their way to the farm so we will be checking back often to see if there are any new arrivals.

Checking out the cows

This cow decided to give Sophie a hello kiss on the hand

Riding a pony, or as she says "a neigh." During the pony ride she leaned over and told me "I love it."

For some reason these two thought it was fun to stick their fingers through the fence and get pecked by chickens. Crazy kids. 

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