February 14, 2015

Disney Trip - Part 2

MONDAY: Today was Disneyland! We got up bright and early so we could get tickets and be at the park right when it opened. In fact, we were one of the first groups in line. Our plan was to go straight in, grab a fast pass for Indiana Jones, get a fast pass for Fantasmic (the night show), and then ride Thunder Mountain Railroad while the line was still short. Everything went according to plan, and the longest line we waited all day in was probably only 20-25 minutes. We were able to do all the rides we wanted except the Nemo Submarine - that line was crazy long. It turned out that Fantasmic was only so-so (World of Color is much better). By the time it started the kids were very tired and it probably wasn't worth sticking around for. 

Waiting to go in - we have been shopping the thrift stores for Mickey shirts and all found one to to wear on this day!

Sophie and Anne in their matching Mickey shirts made by my sister Amy

As soon as we entered the park we ran into Daisy Duck. We were in a hurry to grab fast passes so we only stopped for a quick hello before moving on. 

Our little family

The first ride we did with kids was the Jungle Cruise. Sophie rode up front with me and enjoyed all the animals. 

Next we went to the Haunted Mansion. We have been watching the Disneyland Fun sing-a-long video for months to help prepare Sophie for this day and I think it worked - she wasn't scared at all!

It's a Small Word was probably her favorite ride. It's also on our Disneyland video and she knows how to sing "small, small world". There was almost no line so we did this ride twice. 

We weren't planning on riding Dumbo because Sophie was incredibly tired, but when we tried to walk away she started crying "My Elephant, My Elephant!" so we let her go. 

Finally giving in to exhaustion

The character parade was probably her second favorite part of the day

We would have loved to meet Minnie, but never found her in the park, so her parade float was as close as we got

The downside of Disneyland with a 1 year old. There were lots of tears shed while waiting in line to go on a ride, and every time we had to get off a ride. She just didn't understand why it couldn't be her turn right then and why she had to get off to let someone else have a turn. It's good the crowds were fairly light or it could have been a rough day. 

The whole crew, minus my brother Derek who sadly was back at the house with the stomach flu :(

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Jane Anne said...

I love the picture of all the girls! Looks like such a great trip!