February 13, 2015

Disney Trip - Part 1

Last week we packed up our car and drove south to Disneyland! It was a trip planned by my family that we have been looking forward to for quite some time. Just like Christmas, Disney is more magical with kids and it was so fun to show Sophie where Mickey, Minnie, and Cinderella live.

THURSDAY: The plan for our trip was to work in the morning, pick up my brother in the afternoon, and then spend the night in St. George at my Grandma's house. That morning, however, I woke up to find that school had been cancelled due to a power outage caused by a big fire in Orem. I decided to use the extra time to take Sophie to the aquarium to burn off some energy before our drive down to St. George. We were excited to see that a new exhibit with gators and turtles had opened!

Power outage = no work for momma = play time at the aquarium!

Riding in the golf cart with daddy and Uncle D at the St. George house

FRIDAY: We resumed our drive to California and unfortunately the traffic turned a 5 hour trip into almost 7 hours in the car. Luckily Sophie is an amazing car traveler and didn't complain a bit. We were all happy to arrive in Anaheim just in time for dinner. Rather than get a bunch of hotel rooms, my family rented a house right next to Disneyland so we could all stay together. Every room in the house, including bathrooms, was decorated in the theme of a Disney movie. It was so fun and we loved our stay there!

Our cute room was decorated like the movie "Up"

SATURDAY: Today the adults went to Six Flags, while the kids stayed at the house for some cousin play time. My Uncle Brent joined us at the park and we had a blast riding the big coasters. The last time I went to Six Flags was over 10 years ago and there were several new rides I hadn't done before, including the world's largest drop tower. I was nervous to go on the tower because I hadn't used a bathroom for a few hours, but it all turned out ok :) The only damper was the weather. It never warmed up and rained for almost four hours - too bad we were all wearing shorts. While we were getting wet at Six Flags, the kids enjoyed a sunny day at the pool. This was Sophie's first time swimming since summer and she loved it! 

Sophie woke up and immediately joined Anne for some morning cartoons

My uncle took pity and bought us a poncho - best $2.50 ever spent!

Swimming with Grandmari & Will

Cousin bath party

SUNDAY: We attended church at a local ward in the morning, and then went home for some fun and games. Most of the family went to the beach in the afternoon and we were planning to join them when Sophie got up from her nap, but the day was a bit windy so we stayed home and went swimming at the pool instead. It was a nice relaxing day before going to the happiest place on earth!

Sophie, Anne, and Uncle Brent with all the Mickey & Minnie toys

 A true daddy can read AND play princess dolls at the same time

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