January 4, 2015

December Roundup

Once again I have some random pictures that never made it into a post. So, in no particular order, here is some Sophie cuteness from the last month:

Sophie with the Santa at our ward Christmas party

It has always been my dream that Sophie would want to take a nap with  me. One day I laid down on the couch and she climbed up next to me with Purple. Poor girl doesn't look super comfortable, but she stayed there for almost 30 minutes so she must have been happier than she looks. 

Every morning Sophie gets to watch Daniel Tiger in our bed while I get ready for work. Lately she has also been bringing a posse of friends along with her. 

Meet the bubble monster. She LOVES bubbles, apparently enough to eat them.

My cute cowgirl

You'd think that after spending 14 hours in the car she would avoid her car seat like the plague, but that's where she decided to hang out after we got back from our road trip.

Grandma Howe gave Sophie a set of Daniel Tiger characters for Christmas that she opened when we got back to Utah. She tried to take them all to bed that night, but I told her they had to stay downstairs. She obeyed, but went back and got Daniel and asked if he could go upstairs. She looked so cute, I agreed.

Video: While we were visiting my family for the holidays my mom had to do shoulder therapy twice a day. Sophie was very intrigued by the exercises and liked to join her.

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