December 24, 2014

Family Picture 2014

As painful as family pictures can be, I'm glad we made the effort because Sophie was just a little baby in our last picture and kids change and grow so fast at this age! We did a mini photo session with my dad when my parents came to visit over Thanksgiving. It literally took 10 minutes and I was so happy with the "good" one that we got. Credit for Sophie's cute smile goes to tickles from daddy and my mom making a little barbie dance on my dad's head - whatever works!

Howe Family 2014

This Christmas was spent with my family in Washington. Everyone came to visit so we also took the opportunity to get an updated family photo. This is the first picture with everyone, since the last one was before my brother left for his mission and when Anne was the only grandchild. Amy's camera, a tripod, and a few photoshop tweaks resulted in a great photo!

Lambert Family 2014

The grandkids - Anne (4), Will (2), Sophie (1), and Levi (9 mos)

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Angela said...

I loved reading about your Christmas in Sammamish. Christmas is a lot of fun with kids. Thanks for sharing all the fun photos.