December 26, 2014

Christmas in Sammamish: Pre-Christmas Festivities

We alternate family visits for Christmas, and this year was the Lambert family in Sammamish. We left on a Friday afternoon with my brother right after my school got out and drove to my sister's house in Idaho. We spent the night with her family and then continued on the next day for Washington. Our weather was much wetter/snowier than expected, but Sophie did much better than expected so it was an even trade. She was awake for 13 of the 14 driving hours, but never cried once! I hope things go as well on the way back home.

We arrived in time to see my home ward's live nativity put on by the youth. This was it's 19th year and it was amazing how little has changed since I was last in it 11 years ago. Sophie loved it and sat quietly on Aunt Nat's lap through the whole thing.

Two days before Christmas we went down to Seattle. It was raining so we decided it would be best to leave the kids at home with my mom. We went to see the gingerbread display at the Sheraton hotel. They were amazing, as always, and my two favorites were "Mele Kalikimaka" and "Christmas in the Northwest".

After the gingerbread houses and a yummy pizza dinner, we went to the 5th Avenue Theatre to see "A Christmas Story: The Musical". I love this movie and know all the lines by heart and the play did not disappoint. 

Dave as "The Pink Nightmare" and me as "I Can't Put My Arms Down"

A beautiful northwest sunset

Sophie also had lots of cousin time. She developed a love/hate relationship with Will. Sometimes they played well together, and other times she would call him "baby" and run away. 

On the other hand, she always loved Anne. She even let Anne feed her some ham, a food she hasn't voluntarily eaten since Easter. 

Making cookies for Santa

Attempt at a Christmas Eve jammies picture

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