December 31, 2014

Christmas in Sammamish - Cabin Snow Days

No trip to Washington would be complete without some time at the cabin. This Christmas we were able to spend four nights up in the mountains. Unfortunately there wasn't enough snow yet for skiing, but it was plenty for playing. I forgot to bring Sophie's snow boots so our trips out never lasted very long, but she always had fun. Snow is quickly becoming one of her favorite things!

Exploring with Paco

All tuckered out

Going for a sled ride with daddy and Jobe

My snowy owl

Eating some fresh snow - she really loved this!

Dave made Sophie a little snowman after sledding. We put in a carrot nose and quickly discovered that Jobe likes carrots (who knew??). He is normally a very obedient dog, but couldn't help himself and stole 5 carrot noses. Sophie was pretty traumatized by the whole thing. 

Going fast on the sled with mamma. Don't judge her face in this picture - she actually loved it. 

I also took a few pictures to showcase a jacket my sister designed for her pattern shop. The pattern isn't available yet, but should be released soon!

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