December 11, 2014

BYU Basketball Game and Temple Square

My uncle Alan offered us his family's tickets to the BYU basketball last Saturday. BYU was playing Hawaii in Salt Lake where the Jazz normally play, and it was an afternoon game - perfect!! This was Sophie's first basketball game and she was mesmerized by the giant tv. She also loved the clapping and would join in whenever BYU scored, which was a lot - go cougars!

Failed attempt at a family picture - silly girl!

After the game we walked over to Temple Square to see the lights and the nativity sets. It was such a nice evening (54 degrees!), which was like heaven to me. My memories of Temple Square at Christmas normally involve boots, hats, gloves, scarves, 3 coats, and a longing for hot chocolate. This year we all had our jackets unzipped and then got ice cream afterwards. 

Sophie was able to find the baby Jesus in every nativity. She also liked looking for the "daddy and mama" - Joseph and Mary. 

The temple makes me so happy! I'm so glad we were able to go walk around and enjoy it at this beautiful time of year!

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AmyH said...

Wow you've been busy! I'm glad to see some of Anne's clothes being put to good use :)