November 5, 2014

A random update

I have several pictures from the last month that never made it into a post and rather than just skip over them I've decided to combine them all into one random post. This blog is basically our family journal and I don't want to forget the little stories connected with each photo!

Spirit Day at school - the theme was "mustache" day.  I borrowed my mustache from Sophie's Mr. Potato head and am proud to say I kept it on the whole day. Dave told me I looked like a muppet, and I think I agree. 

Unfortunately this fashion statement is not for Spirit Day. I just happened to put on one black boot and one brown boot when I got ready in the morning. Too bad I didn't notice until after I had been to two stores and then gone to work. 

Rockin' a killer mohawk

Sophie's current obsession is coloring. It's something she asks to do almost every day so she was pretty excited that someone left all their sidewalk chalk at the park. We colored until it started to get dark and then I had to carry her home under my arm kicking and screaming because she didn't want to leave.

Painting pumpkins at the aquarium. She looked so cute in her "smock" - a mens shirt that I had to roll the sleeves about 6 times before it fit. I let her do the paint all by herself and she only got one little smudge on her face. 

At the aquarium with daddy enjoying the indoor playground. We love coming here! Dave ran her around for 2 hours and then brought her home for an impressive 3 hour nap!

Our dryer died a week ago. It would still tumble, but there was no heat so nothing would dry. Since it was a used dryer, we figured it wasn't worth repairing. I started searching the classifieds and after a week of drying everything pioneer style, we were able to get a replacement for $100. I love our new dryer and am so thankful for modern appliances!

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