October 25, 2014

Dallas Zoo

We were able to visit the Dallas Zoo the day before we left Texas. We went with grandma, grandpa, Liz, Cindy and her boys. The crowds were very light, so we took our time and were often the only group at an exhibit. Sophie loves animals ("mammals") and talked about going to see them before we left, on the way there, and after we got home. It was such a fun day!

Waiting to Enter

Attempt at a group shot of the kids - not successful

Sophie and Liam at the penguins

Elephant Ride!

Checking out the real elephants with daddy

Cousins on a Safari

The elusive cheetah was right by the glass!

Against my better nature we paid $5 to feed the giraffes. I continue to be amazed at how brave she is. I have yet to see her show any fear of animals, no matter how close they get. 

Hello Mr. Crocodile

Turtles are one of her favorite animals right now

She thought this monkey might need a snack and tried to feed him some leaves

We got to the chimpanzees just in time to see them eat lunch. A zoo keeper was up on the roof tossing down apples, oranges and bananas. This one had a cute little baby on her chest. 

Sharing a drink with grandma

Feeding the goats at the petting zoo

Our last stop before going home was the birds. We paid $1 for a seed stick and Sophie was thrilled to have one sit on her arm. 

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