October 1, 2014

Sophie at 18 Months

I was waiting to do this post, hoping to get a nice, cute picture to go with her update, but that could take weeks. This girl does not like to look at the camera, and when she does, it's normally not with a smile. She is still happy and sweet as can be, but her will is getting a little stronger each day. Zippers have to be zipped, buckles have to be buckled, and you better not sit on the yellow car if she wanted you to sit on the red one (see video below). Her favorite words right now are "again," "more," and "no." Oh, she loves to say "no" and shakes her head too for added effect. 

In her defense, this is her "I had four shots today" face. I don't blame her for not smiling

Sophie also loves to read with us, sing songs, be tickled, give hugs and kisses, say prayers, and run into our arms. Purple, pink, and binky are still super special, although she has learned to keep them in the crib and willing throws them back in after waking up. One of her favorite things to do right now is pull up a chair next to me in the morning and share my breakfast, which I gladly do :)

She is so interested in everything right now. On walks she will often sit down to investigate every bug, leaf, or hole in the sidewalk. It can take a full 15 minutes to walk the 100 feet to the mailbox. 

Sophie at 18 Months
  • 33.5 inches tall (90%) and 24.5 lbs (70%). Her weight for height ratio is around 40%. 
  • Now has her top and bottom canines so we should be done with teething for awhile until the 2 year molars come in - hooray!
  • Has been happily attending nursery at church for almost 3 months. 
  • Favorite foods include black beans, cheese, noodles, most fruits, and milk (typical toddler diet)
  • Can name almost everyone in her family (still working on some of the aunts & uncles), parts of the body, and most animals and the sounds they make - her favorite are doggies. 
  • Has conquered her fear of playground slides and will now go down by herself on either her bottom or tummy. She also loves swings, tunnels, and anything that can be climbed. 
  • Understands most of what we say and I have started spelling out words to Dave on occasion.
  • LOVES babies. She will stop and say "baby!" to any baby she sees, whether it's a real baby, doll, a baby in a book, a painting, a commercial, etc...
  • Just transitioned from 2 naps to 1 nap and it's been a bit rocky. She does sleep a solid 12 hours at night though, which is wonderful. 
  • Will tell us when she is stinky with about 75% accuracy. She will also sometimes bring us a diaper if she is wet. 
  • And, for the record, my favorite word she says right now is "wowel" (owl)
Since we are staying in Provo right now , I took her down to the BYU pond to feed the ducks. She had a lot of fun, but those ducks have no fear and I had to gently kick a few that were getting too close. 

We loved our first sherpa suit, so I decided to search for another one and found this beauty on eBay. We go for a walk every night (unless it's raining), and it's starting to get pretty chilly here, so Sherpa Suit 2.0 got it's first use tonight. She stayed nice and warm!

And, we are entering the wonderful world of tantrums. This episode was brought on by me sitting on the yellow car, when apparently she wanted me to sit on the red car. Oops. 


AmyH said...

Looks like she's been taking some lessons from Will :) He's the tantrum king!

The Palmers said...

haha! love 1 year olds!!