October 24, 2014

Quick Trip to Texas

We were hoping to go to Texas before Sophie's birthday while she was still free to fly, and October turned out to be the best time to make that trip.  It was a beautiful time of year to visit and it was hard to come back home. Sophie LOVED visiting her grandparents (mama & papa) and cousins.  Here are some things we did on our trip:

Waiting to get on the plane to go to Texas. Three hours in cramped quarters with an energetic baby was challenging, but overall it went well. She never cried and I don't think we bothered the person next to us too much. 

Our first few days were spent painting Zone 1 (the entry way, ceilings, stairs and trim) as a birthday present for Dave's mom. It looked great! Dave spent a few days up on a 20 ft ladder while Sophie and I kept ourselves busy outside or with friends. 

Sorry for picking the last flower on your plant Grandma

At a nearby church playground - she loves cars!

Sidewalk chalk (her new favorite) with Emma and Uncle Greg. 

At a Halloween party with some of our friends. Jake the Pirate was surrounded by a bunch of cute little princesses!

We also had a party at the Palmer's beautiful new house one night. The kids played together outside for awhile, and then we put them down for bed so the adults could chat and play games. It was so fun!

We went to the State Fair of Texas with grandma, grandpa, and Aunt Liz

And to the Dallas Zoo with grandparents, Liz, Cindy, Lincoln & Liam (post on that coming soon)

Sophie loved having a new set of toys to play with. On our last day there we put on some superhero capes and chased each other around the house. 

It was a great trip!

**Side story: Sophie is at an age right now where she likes to repeat the last word of whatever she hears. One day she started walking around saying, "ebola, ebola, ebola," which is obviously a hot topic in Dallas right now and I guess she picked up on it!

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Jane Anne said...

The ebola story is hilarious. She is SO cute Mel.