October 31, 2014

Howe Pumpkin 2014

I love carving pumpkins, but this year I was really struggling to come up with an idea. I couldn't think of anything creative or unique, so I just went with what Sophie loves - ghosts.

The best part about this year's pumpkin was that I finally learned from some of my mistakes in the past and  (1) drew out my picture beforehand so I wouldn't run out of room. (2) brought the pumpkin in the night before so the guts wouldn't freeze my hands off, and (3) carved all the little details first while the pumpkin face was still intact, and the big details at the end. So much easier this way and no toothpick supports were needed this time!

Our family as ghosts - can you recognize Dave by his distinguishing eyebrows?


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Angela said...

this is great. Your orginal design featuring your family is awesome.