October 4, 2014

Great seats for a disappointing game

On Friday my aunt offered us tickets to the BYU vs. USU football game. It was a late game, so we arranged for Sophie to go to bed at my other aunt's house (hooray for awesome relatives!), and then left to meet my brother at the stadium.

We were super excited for this game for a few reasons - it was a surprise night out without Sophie, we had good seats, BYU was having a great season, and BYU demolished USU last year, so this year would be be the same. Right? Wrong. It was such a sad game to watch. Our offense couldn't put anything together, the defense couldn't stop anything, our quarterback went down with a season-ending injury and with him went BYU's chances of anything special happening this year.

Happy fans before everything went wrong

I'm still in a bit of a funk from last night's depressing loss, but Conference has been a good boost for my soul. We enjoyed today's sessions and are looking forward to more tomorrow!

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