September 11, 2014

September Days

September seems to be flying by... We've been busy this week (just like the last few weeks), but not up to much, if that makes any sense. Our days have been filled with my work at the school, Dave's work at home, and playing with Sophie outside when it's nice, and inside when it's not. We go somewhere almost every day, but nothing big or far from home. Our summer was full of activities and all the fall festivities are just around the corner, so it's been nice to have this period where we can just be home and have a normal routine. Overall, life is great.

Here are some pictures from this week:

Sophie LOVES her little stroller and baby. We have started to hide the stroller in the closet because as soon as she sees baby she wants to take her out for a walk. 

Grandmari came to visit for a few days, which is always fun! Sophie is eating a chocolate chip in this picture, which is why her smile is not much of a smile :)

Fun times in the swing. I can't believe how much bigger she looks this year compared to last year

Silly girl at the playground. It's been raining lots, so the playground can't be that dirty, can it?

We LOVE how close we are to the aquarium. This week we've already visited 3 times, and I just may go back again on Saturday. We are also thrilled that the aquarium just opened an indoor, 4,000 square foot playground - it's going to be great for the cold, wet days of winter!

This girl loves to say "bubbles," look at bubbles, catch bubbles, stomp on bubbles, read books with bubbles, etc....  if bubbles are invovled, life is good :)

Fun family night at Scheels - we caught some big ones!


AmyH said...

Put us on your calendar for October 17th! We'll be in town :) So jealous of all you have to do so close!

Angela said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. I can't believe Sophie is already so big. What a cute fun girl she is. You are doing a great job as her mom. :)