September 27, 2014

Another Week Gone By...

I don't have much to blog about right now, but it's been a really low key day so I feel like I should because I have the time. Sooo, in no particular order, here are some photos from the last week:

Sophie and Daddy before church

Sophie and Mommy cheering for the Seahawks last Sunday. It was a great game and we got the win!

My mom bought her this "fan" shirt when the Seahawks were playing in the Super Bowl last spring. She has grown a few inches since then, so I was happy that it still fit!

My school participates in a one-mile run at the BYU track every year. Sophie and I went down to watch (although we spent most of our time climbing the bleachers), and had a good time cheering for the kids. Noah Webster took 1st place this year!

Right now we are house-sitting at my aunt's in Provo. It's been fun to get out of our little house and have room to run and play. Sophie's favorite game right now is "I'm gonna get you!"

Silly girl

Sophie also had an 18 month check up this week (separate post on that later), and we found out her iron is a little low (although you wouldn't know it based on her energy levels). It's most likely a combination of family history, her becoming more picky about meat and veggies, and too much dairy. For now, we are replacing one glass of milk with a green smoothie to help her levels come up. She loves them!

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She's grown so much!