August 26, 2014

Three weeks in review

The last few weeks have been busy for us! I went back to work at the beginning of August, and just survived the first week of a new school year. Dave is in the final stages of his 2nd year paper for school, and has started studying for comps (aka, the test he will take in a few months to show that he knows everything or will get kicked out of the program - no pressure!). Sophie has also been busy getting into mischief, learning a new word a day, and killing us with cuteness.

The school had an employee picnic dinner the week before school started. There was a bouncy house and Sophie LOVED it. We only managed to pull her out to eat some chips before she ran back for more. 

Now that I am back at work, Sophie is going to her babysitter again 2-3 times a week. She LOVES her babysitter so much, and so do we.  She runs to the door when I drop her off, and runs away from me when I come to pick her up. She was excited to find a picture of her on our front door where I hang all the Christmas cards. 

We were given a puddle jumper from my grandma's neighbor a couple weeks ago. It took Sophie a few minutes to get the balance right, but once she did she had so much fun! I love that I don't have to hold her the entire time in the pool now, because she is getting so big! She cried when we took it off to go home. 

Jumping in the pool to daddy

Sophie has been on a bit of a naughty streak lately. Her first offense was coloring the seat of her pink chair with a blue dry eraser marker, which does not come out - ugh. Then she found Dave's glasses on his nightstand and broke the arm off. She also loves to eat Desitin (pictured), soap, shampoo, lotion, etc... and sampled some hand sanitizer in nursery last week. And today she learned to open the fridge by herself, and I'm hoping that doesn't turn into a new play land. 

My cousin got married a couple weeks ago and my Grandma and Grandpa Lambert came down for the wedding. Sophie loved the time she was able to spend with GG (great grandma), and even learned to say her name while she was visiting. 

Loving the porch swing at my aunt's house while we were visiting GG

We have also been enjoying the cooler weather as summer winds down. This has seriously been the wettest August in my memory here in Utah. Now that it's not so hot and Sophie is bigger, we've been spending more time at some of the local playgrounds. 

Digging with daddy

Peeking out at mommy while climbing up to the slide

Unfortunately her naps have taken a turn for the worse again and she turns into a fuss bucket in the evenings. Tonight was a early to bed night, and she conked right out with her blankets, binky, and animals. Love this sweet girl :)

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