August 4, 2014

Sophie at 16 Months

My last "Sophie Update" was on her birthday, and she has changed soooo much since then. I still call her my baby, and probably always will, but she is looking and acting more and more like a toddler every day. She is a busy little thing and loves to run, climb, jump, and dance. We have started taking her to nursery at church, even though she is technically too young to start, and she has done great. The first few times we only had her stay until snack, but the last two weeks she has stayed for both hours. She loves it and so do we!!

It has also been so fun to watch her language skills develop. She understands simple sentences, such as "where are your shoes?", "bring mommy a book", or "let's go upstairs for bath". When we read together she will point out and name things like bananas, a duck, a ball, or balloons. She also jabbers all day long, and more and more real words are starting to make their way into her vocabulary. Words right now include mommy, daddy, ball, baby, bye-bye, uh oh, Purple, Peek-a-Boo, owie, dog, duck, cat, nanas, and no (sadly). Her favorite word is "ah-bee" which we think means something like "I want, I want, I need, I need!" She says that one all day long.

Sophie at 16 Months
  • She loves to give kisses (meaning she leans over and puts her forehead by your lips so you can give her a kiss). She also will give high-fives and play peek-a-boo. 
  • Is still extremely attached to her binky, Purple, and Pink, but we have started leaving them in the bed during the day and letting her only have them for naps and the night time. 
  • Shortly after her birthday, she suddenly turned into an awesome napper. She still naps twice a day, for 1.5-2 hours each nap, in addition to 11-12 hours at night. This girl plays hard, and sleeps hard!
  • Is learning the parts of the body and can point out eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, belly button, and feet. 
  • We have continued the tradition of going on a walk every night before bed, and she has started to listen for, and point out airplanes. She also loves to look for dogs, cats, and cars. 
  • Has become more selective about what she will eat, but if you give her something she likes (grapes or cheese) then she will eat a TON.
  • Her hair has really grown, but it's hard to realize how long it is until you get it wet. It's pretty strait on top, but curls into cute little ringlets as soon as it reaches her neck. 
  • She does not have any interest in TV, but went through a phase for awhile where she would sit and watch "Let It Go" from Frozen on repeat. It is still one of the only things she will watch. She does like to look at animals and play little games on the iPad. 
  • Is a great mimic and will try to use keys to open doors, sit in Dave's chair and "pretend" to do work, talk on the phone, vacuum, sweep, comb hair, or put on clothes. 
  • She continues to push the limits of our baby proofing. She loves to empty our bathroom drawers (and steal things like deodorant and dental floss), has learned to pull the lids off markers, chapsticks, and bottles,  and will find any phone left within 4 feet of the ground and use it to call the emergency contacts. 

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