August 5, 2014

Afternoon Storms

We have been enjoying some terrific afternoon storms this week. Utah needs the water, it makes the air smell fresh, and we love the cooler weather that follows in each storm's wake. We will watch the sky grow dark and a few drops will start to fall, and within minutes it's a downpour.

Today I was caught on my way home from work, which wasn't much fun, but the day before I was able to enjoy it from the safety of home. When the big rain started, I opened up the door so Sophie and I could see out. A big bug flew in, which wasn't cool, but it was fun to watch Sophie take it all in. She has never really seen rain, thunder, or lightning and was fascinated by it all.

Afterwards we went out and found a beautiful rainbow.  It disappeared up into the clouds, so not the biggest rainbow I've ever seen, but definitely one of the brightest!

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Natalie Fish said...

Sophie seems to always be wearing a necklace of some sort . . . probably ones that she just finds around the house :)