July 6, 2014

Texas - Summer 2014

After returning from Norway we were able to spend another week in Texas before heading home to Utah. After being away from her for a week I'm pretty sure I was more excited to see Sophie then she was to see me, but for the next few days she was careful to keep us within sight. No lasting damage from being left though - phew!

We had a fun week of family and friends. Dave's grandma was also visiting while we were there, we were able to celebrate Father's Day with all the Howes, and get together with our Texas friends a few times. Somehow we always leave without getting a picture of Sophie with grandma and grandpa, so I need to make that a priority on out next visit - hope we can come back soon!

In the bean bag - one of her favorite spots once she figured out how to get in and out

Loving the duplo blocks

We did lots of swimming during our trip - Sophie has no fear of water and loves to jump off the edge

Floating like a big girl

Attempt at a group photo with all of Sophie's little friends - so fun to see these girls (and Grayson) grow!

One of the highlights for Sophie was a trip to Build a Bear with Aunt Liz. That store was heaven for her! She was was practically bursting with happiness the whole time we were there. 

Riding the escalator with daddy - this is one of her favorite things to do and anytime she sees one we normally go up and down 3-4 times

Ready to go home after a great trip

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Angela said...

My kids have always been terrified of the escalator and beg me to take the elevator (which is often hard to find in department stores). I think you have a brave little girl.