July 8, 2014

Start of Summer

My summer officially begins in July when the school closes and I have a month off. Since I have been home, our days have been filled with lots and lots of swimming. Sophie LOVES water and would spend all day in a pool if I let her. We have also made a few trips to the aquarium, the playground, and the library. She is at such a fun age and seems to be learning something new every day. I am so glad I get this month to spend more time with her!

We bought a baby pool at the grocery store for $4 and it was love at first sight. She has had so much fun playing in the pool in the house, and in the backyard. 

We have also gone swimming at pool in our neighborhood. The second we get her out of the stroller she runs for the edge and she will get in whether or not someone is there to help her, so we have to be really careful. She sure has fun though! 

One day I took her to the splash park in Riverton. She was a little hesitant at first, but slowly warmed up after seeing the other kids having fun. Unfortunately just as she was starting to get used to the water, one of the fountains that was off, turned on again in her face. Poor girl. I hope she is not scarred for life.

Lately she wants to eat everything with a fork, including graham crackers J

This little monkey snuck into the fridge and found her favorite food – cheese!

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Angela said...

wow, your camera takes really good pictures. I love how it captures the water in the air.