July 27, 2014

Sammamish Summer - The Lake

One of my favorite parts of summers in Washington is spending time at Lake Sammamish. My dad has spent a lot of time cleaning up the little beach property and we went down there almost every other day to boat, swim, and just take a break from the heat. This year was especially fun because Sophie loves water and she got to experience so many new things.

Just hanging out on the beach

Swimming with daddy

Cooking a marshmallow with mommy

Riding the wave runner with daddy - this was probably her favorite thing to do

Kayaking with mommy

Throwing rocks in the water with daddy

Tubing with mommy

Digging with cousin Will

Dave and I also went out on the boat several times to wake board and water ski. I never push myself too hard (I'm a pro at skiing without getting my hair wet), but I felt I was taking more aggressive turns than last year. Dave also made a lot of progress on learning to jump on the wake board. He had a few spectacular falls, but also some great jumps!

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