July 23, 2014

Sammamish Summer - The Cabin

While visiting Sammamish, we took a trip up to the cabin for a "vacation within a vacation." It's a always fun to get away and enjoy the mountains for a few days. My sister Amy, her kids, and my parents joined us for the trip. We went on a picnic, a short hike, made s'mores, and took our thrift store canoe out for a paddle on the lake. Next time we visit the cabin will be for Christmas, and we might try taking Sophie skiing in the street if there is snow.

We didn't take any pictures on our picnic, but after we got back the kids were so hot we sent them out on the deck with some water to splash around in - fun, fun!

Making S'mores!

We took a short hike to the top of the ski hill with my dad to see where they will be building a new chair lift. My dad boosted me up onto one of the chairs (it was about 5 feet off the ground) and then Dave and Sophie climbed up to join me for a picture. 

Sophie with Paco

Taking the Canoe out on Lake Keechelus - we enjoyed a leisurely ride in the middle while Dave and my dad paddled us around a little island

The water level was high so the last part of the road was under water. It made for perfect wading since it had a very gradual slope and the ground was level and firm. Sophie did fall off the edge into slightly deeper water once, but was able to keep her head above water until I got there to pull her up - go baby!

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Jane Anne said...

These backdrops are so pretty they don't seem real! Looks like a ton of fun!