July 21, 2014

Sammamish Summer - 2014

We have been up in Sammamish for the last two weeks spending time at my parents house. It has been unusually warm here (although still cooler than Utah!), so we have spent lots of time swimming at the house and down at the lake. We also went up to the cabin for a couple nights, and have taken trips to the pet store, a couple parks, the zoo, and Sahalee.

My sister Amy has also been here with her 3 kids, so Sophie has had lots and lots of cousin time! Sophie is not quite big enough to keep up with Anne yet, but I'm sure they will be good friends in a few years. Anne has been planning different activities she can do with Sophie when she is older, while her brother, Will, is napping (I don't think she quite understood that Sophie getting older also meant Will would be older too).

The Gang (minus Levi) - Anne, Will, Jobe, and Sophie

Cousin bath time was always fun - lots of dark brown eyes!

Enjoying the quarter rides at Crossroads mall - they are fun and so cheap! For 75 cents Sophie rode the rocket, the one-kid ferris wheel (you can see it in the background), a car, a boat, and a carousel. She LOVED every one and was always sad when it was time to get off.

We met up with my friend Heather and her 4 kids at Ebright one morning. It was a super fun park with swings, a little & big kid playground, and lots of shade.

My parents set up a kiddie pool on the deck and Sophie went swimming out here for almost an hour every day. 

One morning she went out on the deck and sent Purple down the slide. We rushed out when we heard her crying and found her like this, horrified that Purple can't swim

Enjoying lunch at the little picnic table we bought at the thrift store earlier in the week

Sophie finally decided to try macaroni on this trip and decided that it was delicious! 

Although it is not as good when the noodles haven't been cooked yet...

Enjoying a free slurpee on 7/11 with Grandmari!

Beautiful sunset over the lake - I love Sammamish!

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