July 8, 2014

4th of July - 2014

We began our 4th of July weekend with a road trip to Washington! We left on Thursday and drove halfway to Fruitland, ID to spend the night with my sister Amy and her family. Thankfully it was an uneventful drive. Sophie did very well and we only had to make one stop on our 6 hour trip. 

Our stop was in Rupert, ID at an RV park that had a nice grassy area, a playground, and some horses!

 Five minutes after walking in the door, Sophie’s cousin Anne had her all dressed up in a tutu and Cinderella shoes

We also went swimming and got to meet baby Levi for the first time!

On the Fourth, we woke up and took a few red, white, and blue photos before getting back in the car to continue our drive to Washington. We made it the rest of the way with only two stops and no tears! We put Sophie down for bed and then woke her up an hour later to head out on boat for fireworks. This year we were really close to the barge where they were launching the fireworks and  they were right over our heads. It was a great show!

 Sophie loves her cousin Anne!

Waiting on shore while my dad got the boat ready

She was a little confused about being put in a life jacket, but tolerated it well

 Happy Fourth of July!

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