June 27, 2014

Norway Trip - Bergen

Our last port was Bergen, Norway's second largest city. Bergen is located near the coast, surrounded by mountains, and like all places in Norway, is beautiful. They say that in Bergen babies are born with umbrellas because it rains so often, and it did rain on us. We went out despite the rain and were able to enjoy our last day in Norway.

We briefly stopped at the Bergenhus fortress, but did not pay to go inside. It was originally built in the 12th century, was damaged during WWII when a ship carrying dynamite exploded, and has since been restored.

We then walked over to Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen. The city has a long history of being destroyed by fires, but in this area many of the old buildings still stand. It's a very charming place - we walked down the alleys between the rows of houses and bought a nativity set from one of the shops.

The buildings are also as crooked as they look in the pictures. We walked up a staircase in one shop that was completely slanted. I guess the buildings must all be holding each other up, because otherwise I'm not sure how some of them are still standing.

Nat and Brodie in Bryggen - you can see why this area would be fire prone with all the wood buildings so close together

I loved all the different colors - I wish we had more red, white, and yellow houses here in the States

After Bryggen, we split up and went our separate ways. Nat and Brodie went to a Norwegian thrift store in hopes of finding a few treasures and the rest of us went back for lunch. We then went out and walked through some of the neighborhoods up in the hills, visited a couple churches, and looked around the fish and flea markets. 

Such cute buildings!

Back on the boat - farewell Norway!

Internet on this day was brought to you by the Radisson Hotel. While it was nice to be disconnected for the most part on this trip, I was so glad to be able to check email once a day. I knew Sophie was in good hands, but my mama heart still loved seeing her each day. 

Story time with cousins and Aunt Liz

First experience with stickers

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