June 25, 2014

Norway Trip - Alesund

Our second port was Alesund, a city located on the Norwegian coast at the mouth of the Geirganger fjord (which we would sail down the next day). Alesund is built on a chain of islands, with houses and buildings going right up to the water's edge. Definitely a unique and beautiful city!

We took a local bus out to the Sunnmore Museum, a collection of old houses, buildings, and boats from Norway's earlier days. It's an open air museum, so we were lucky that it was another sunny day! We had fun walking around and through a school, farmhouses, stables, a store, a boat house, and several others.

Mrs. Fish teaching us a lesson in the schoolhouse

Derek and Brodie tried on some chain mail (really heavy stuff), and then my mom came out to show them who's boss

Many of the houses had "natural" roofs, and Brodie told us that to keep the growth in check they will occasionally toss a goat up there to do some trimming.

After returning from the museum, we got back on the boat to eat lunch - it was so nice that our boat was close to the city in each port. It made it super easy to get on and off  to eat and change clothes if needed. After lunch we walked to the town park, and then climbed up 418 steps to the Aksla viewpoint. From the top there was an amazing panoramic view of the city, ocean, and outlying islands. I got in trouble for standing on one of the table benches to get a better view, but the pictures were worth it!

View from the boat - Aksla is the building on the left edge of the hill

Dave and I at the top - amazing view!

After climbing back down, we did some shopping and sightseeing in the city. I loved the architecture and colors of all the buildings in Alesund. 

We also ran into this lovely troll outside one of the souvenir shops

A kiss for the handsome fellow :)

 In Alesund we were trying to borrow wifi from the hop-on/hop-off buses. They are everywhere, but tricky to catch since they only stay put for a moment or two. Later we found another another Norled fjord ferry to mooch off when we walked down to the water's edge - thanks again for sharing your internet so I could see my baby!

Today's picture was Sophie enjoying the pool at grandma's house - she's a water baby!


Angela said...

I love seeing pictures from your trip. I don't think I'll be doing any international travel myself but I sure enjoy seeing all the places my friends visit. It is kind of like I am taking a mini-trip myself. I think it is sweet that you are also posting pictures of what Sophie is doing each day in Texas.

AmyH said...

Looks like it's good I sent along some suits!