June 19, 2014

Before we left

So the blog has been a bit quiet lately.... A few weeks ago we flew down to Texas to leave Sophie with grandma while Dave and I went on a Norwegian cruise (more on this later!). And since we couldn't let Sophie have all the fun, we stayed in Texas for another 10 days before coming home. Now that we are back from our adventures, our suitcases are unpacked, laundry is put away, and food is in the fridge, I think it's time to start catching up.

Before we left we had some pictures taken of Sophie. We have never had any pictures taken of her and I wanted to get some nice ones before she got too big. I used a Groupon and the deal only let me choose a few pictures, but she cried for most of the session, so there were only a few goods ones to choose from any way. Here are some of my favorites:

We weren't able to get any smiling pictures of her until a grabbed a bear from the shelf and put it out with her. She felt much better once she had a friend.

Showing us the bear's eyes

My sweet girl

With Purple, her special blanket

Sophie also had lots of time to play outside before we left. The weather was nice, and exploring the yard gave her something to do while I was cleaning and packing. Since we don't have any toys out back right now, she entertains herself by climbing on the lawn chairs, playing with the sprinkler, and gathering rocks. 

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AmyH said...

I want to photograph her! She's such a cutie!