May 21, 2014


Dave and I are always slow to upgrade. Part of that is because we have been students for 6 of our 8 married years, and still have 2 more years ahead of us, but also because we just don't feel compelled to have the latest and greatest when what we have works. This month, however, the Howes are finally moving forward!

First upgrade was a push reel mower for our yard. For the last year we had been using a weed whacker, but  now that Sophie is old enough to play outside, we knew something better was needed. I had been searching the classifieds and finally found a good deal on mower. We cut the grass as soon as we got home and it looked so much better! A few days later we also trimmed the edges and pulled the weeds, and now it looks like a proper lawn. I'm sure Sophie will spend many hours out here this summer.

Cutting the jungle

Sophie doing her part to help clean up the grass clippings

Hunting for eggs (one of her favorite activities) on the newly trimmed lawn

Next upgrade was a new camera for me. When Sophie started walking and 9 out 10 pictures I took were of a Sophie blur, I realized my little point-and-shoot was no longer adequate. So when we got our tax return, we decided to put it towards a DSLR. It came in the mail on Tuesday and I have no idea how to use it, but I'm looking forward practicing a lot on my crazy girl. 

Sophie was interested in the new camera

....and a little unsure. Hopefully soon I'll be capturing smiles instead :)

Last upgrade was new phones for me and Dave. This is where I really moved out of the stone age. 4 years ago, when smart phones were starting to get popular, we decided that we could wait and signed a 2 year contract on the freebie flip phone. Then 2 years ago, when Dave started his PhD program, we talked and decided that a smart phone was necessary for his school, but that I would keep my little phone. Now that my flip phone is 4 years old, we decided that it was time for it to retire. This time we went through Costco and it was a breeze - we are never going to the Verizon store again. After only 30 minutes at the store we came home with new phones, free accessories, and a reasonable contract.

What I am nervous about : breaking it - my little brick phone was virtually indestructible. It was chewed on, dropped a hundred times, thrown into a bag without thought and nothing ever went wrong.

What I'm excited about - finally having a decent camera so I can take pictures on the go!

My old and new phone  

Side story: Dave's new phone turned out to be defective. To return it, however, we needed the original packaging and we had already tossed the box. So today after work I got to go dumpster diving! I was able to find everything pretty quickly, and without too much grossness. Phew!

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AmyH said...

Have fun with your camera! I can help you with it in July :)