May 5, 2014

More Purple

Sophie's world pretty much revolves around four things these days: daddy, food, outside, and Purple. Daddy is a given - he is pretty awesome and my world revolves around him too :) Outside is also understandable - the weather has been amazing these past few days and we've been going on lots of walks (2-3 a day) and having fun at various playgrounds. And who doesn't love food? Especially goldfish crackers- they are sooo delicious.

I'm still trying to figure out why her Purple attachment is so strong though.  She carries Purple wrapped around her body, over her shoulder, or out in front of her with both hands like a matador. Purple is the first thing she grabs when she wakes up, and what she wants to cuddle if she's sad or tired. Sometimes she will see Purple on the ground and just fall down on top of it and snuggle it for awhile. She LOVES that blanket. And it's getting harder and harder to sneak Purple away to get cleaned every now and then. The other day I threw Purple in the washer while she was eating snack, but 10 minutes later I found her in the laundry room in distress:

Video - Purple in the Wash

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