April 25, 2014

The Egg Hunt

We do not have a well manicured lawn. Our backyard is so little we decided it wasn't worth it to buy or store a lawnmower, so Dave does his best to keep it under control with a weed whacker. And there's a big dead spot in the back where there were a bunch of leaves that got snowed on before we could rake them up. Oh well. It served it's purpose for Sophie's egg hunt, and she did pretty good job navigating the jungle. 

When we first put her out there with all the eggs, she wasn't sure what to do. After some coaching from Dave though, she seemed to catch on and ended up picking up all the eggs. She loved it so much that now, when I need a few minutes to tidy up or work on dinner, I throw some things around the yard and send her out with a basket to do some gathering :)

I had a hard time choosing a few favorites, so I'm posting all the pictures (& a video) - enjoy!

Sophie's Easter Basket - bunny ears, bubbles, slinky, tights and a light-up ball (thank you Target dollar aisle!)

Showing off her eggs

Adding some eggs to her basket

Losing some eggs from her basket

Hey look! More eggs to find!

Happy Easter baby girl!

First Egg Hunt

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