April 10, 2014

Sophie at 12 Months

This is really late - Sophie had her birthday almost 3 weeks ago - but I didn't want to miss posting the final monthly update of her first year. And what a year it was! She has grown from a sweet little baby, into an adventurous, spunky toddler. Last week she was feeling a little off, which made her a bit cranky and clingy, and it really made me appreciate how silly and happy she normally is. She makes us, and herself, laugh all day long. We love her to pieces and are so happy to have her in our family!

Sophie at 12 Months
  • 30.3 inches tall (88%), 20.5 pounds (60%), and head size of 17.4 in (40%) - she's a tall, little pin head :)
  • Has 12 teeth, which I think is plenty for now and wouldn't mind if any new ones didn't come for awhile.
  • Continues to be a good eater, although she has started saving her veggies for last and will only eat them once everything else is gone. Her favorites right now are mango, crackers, cheese, yogurt, rice, milk and water. I am still nursing twice a day, but think we will probably down to just one feeding pretty soon, and done completely in about a month. 
  • Jabbers all day long, but her only real words are still "mama" and "dada". 
  • Is overall a great sleeper. She goes to bed at 8:00 pm and gets up around 7:30-8:00 am, and takes two naps of varying length each day. I have given up hope that she will be a two-hour napper. We celebrate reaching the 60 minute mark, and count our blessings for anything beyond that. 
  • Runs away when you are trying to get her dressed, but once you catch her she is good about helping put her arms into the sleeves. 
  • Does not enjoy having her teeth brushed, being left out (which includes hearing someone downstairs when she is upstairs, or vice versa), sitting still, when binky or Purple fall out of the crib, or getting in and out of her car seat more than two or three times. 
  • Loves to be outside, read books, go on walks, be tickled, look at animals, play hide-and-go-seek or peek-a-boo, and cause mischief. 

And some other pictures from the past couple weeks:

Blackberries are one of her new favorite foods - too bad they stain like crazy!

At the aquarium - she was more interested in the penguins on the wall than the real ones in the exhibit

Enjoying a snack in the back yard

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Angela said...

I have loved watching your little grow from a baby to a 1 year old. Congrats to you too, you made it through the first year of parenthood. I think that is definitely the hardest year.