March 19, 2014

It's her birthday and she'll cry if she wants to

Today was Sophie's first birthday. Holy cow - my baby is one! I wanted to do something fun for her birthday so I poked around online and got overwhelmed. There were so many cute, but elaborate ideas out there and I am not much of a cake baker, party decorator, or picture taker, so I decided that it would be best to just keep it simple. And it's good I did, because as it turns out, Sophie is not a big fan of birthdays.

On Sunday we had my siblings over for a small family party. Sophie had no afternoon nap this day and the big event ended in tears

Today I decided to try again and it ended the same way. Looking back though, the tears don't come until after the cake has been smashed. She's fine until it ends up in pieces. Silly girl.

A post-cupcake bath in the sink seemed to cheer her up a bit

And although she didn't really like cake, she loved present time. She got birthday cards from her great grandmas, a cute swimsuit that my sister Amy made, a play cell phone from my coworker, and a trip to the park from her babysitter. This girl sure is loved!!

Cute summer clothes and a fun book from her Howe grandparents and Aunt Liz

Grandmari and Paco got her a puzzle, play food, and a fun ball & ramp wooden toy

And we got her a big girl car seat!

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