March 14, 2014

Family Date Night

For Christmas I gave Dave tickets to the Jazz game when Dallas came to town, which was this week. Ideally we would have made it a date with just the two of us, but since we didn't have a babysitter, Sophie came along and got to experience her first basketball game. We were a bit worried about how she would do because it was a late game and she was struggling at dinner before we even left for the game. Once we got there, though, everything was great. She was in awe of everything going on around her, and we had a fun time watching Dallas win!

Happy on dad's lap with a tummy full of rice and chicken from Rumbi

Group shot - love this little family of mine!

And other things from this week:

Enjoying the alphabet magnets Grandmari sent in the mail

Post-bath crazy hair (she's about to switch off the light - one of her favorite games)

At the park - she loved the slides!

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Natalie Fish said...

You can always ask us to babysit!