March 27, 2014

A Chair for Sophie

Sophie loves books! We have stashes of books all over the house - the family room, her room, our room, the diaper bag - and she spends about an hour a day reading to herself. She especially loves any books that have flaps, pull tabs, or things to touch and feel.

One day I found her sitting on a pillow and thought it must have just been coincidence, but then she did the same thing the next day, and any other time I got the pillow out. Thinking she might like having her own place to sit, I started searching the classifieds and found the perfect little chair on KSL. It's from Pottery Barn, and had the name "Grace" embroidered across the top, but I was able to pick out all the stitching and it looks as good as new. She LOVES it and so do I!

Sophie's favorite things - books, binky, purple, and her new chair


Christina G said...

Awesome find! I've been thinking about getting one of those PB chairs for Henry... when he can sit on his own :) They look so comfy and cute!

AmyH said...

Super cute! And I love her hair :)