February 6, 2014


I feel like Sophie is going to take off running any day now. She stands all the time and is now able to take 10-15 steps before falling down. It's been so strange to suddenly have her appear in the kitchen next to me and and see her just standing there. Ahh! I'm not sure I'm ready for this next phase, but ready or not, here she comes!

She's been taking steps for almost two weeks now, and I keep meaning to take a video but she sits down and starts crawling every time she sees me. Today I finally managed to get a short clip of her, but unfortunately she's not very happy because I was holding her blanket hostage. What a mean mommy.

And all this walking has been wearing her out. Tonight she was soooo tired, and after fussing for awhile, she finally crashed on our bed. She was just like a rag doll - you could roll her, pick her up, turn the lights on and off - she was dead to the world. Love this sweet little girl.

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AmyH said...

Look at her go! Love that last picture :)