January 4, 2014

Christmas in Texas - Project Walkway

For Christmas this year the Howe siblings gave Dave's parents the gift of a new walkway. The old walkway from the sidewalk to the front door was starting to sink and the step gathered debris, so we wanted to removed the concrete and replace it with paver stones. 

The cost would be almost $3000 to have it done professionally, so we decided to do it ourselves. Cindy was the mastermind behind the project and did all the research, planning, and measurements. The rest of us were laborers and did whatever Cindy said. The project took 3 days and turned out beautiful!!


... and After

 Dave was outside helping the whole time time, but I was mostly inside helping wrangle the kiddos. I knew I wanted a turn on the jackhammer, though, so during nap time I snuck outside for a few minutes to live the dream. I didn't have any trouble using it to break off a piece of concrete, but the thing weighed almost as much as I did so moving it to the next place was too hard :)

Project Slideshow


Angela said...

The walkway turned out great, what a perfect Christmas gift.

Natalie Fish said...

I'm impressed! Now we know who to call if we ever need some "professional" work done :) hahah not that we even own a house that could use work done