January 16, 2014

Christmas in Texas - Little Cousins

I feel so far behind on the blog right now, even though I'm really not doing that bad. I'm still working on our trip to Texas over Christmas Break, which was only a couple weeks ago, but for some reason it feels like months have passed. January is just flying by for us!

There are six grand kids on the Howe side right now, and two are right close to Sophie's age (Sophie - 9 mos, Liam 12 mos, and Emma 14 mos).  It's going to be fun watching them grow up together! 

Morning bananas with Liam

Sharing Aunt Liz with Emma

At the playground with Liam

Sophie learned to climb stairs on our trip and now knows why the cool kids hang out by the gate

Wishing they could outside to play

And Jack's not a little cousin, but Sophie had tons of fun with him in the hammock!

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