January 16, 2014

Christmas in Texas - Everything Else

I'm still amazed by how much we fit into our trip to Texas, and yet we still seemed to run out time. We easily could have stayed another two weeks if we didn't have to get back to real life.

While there we also saw three movies (Saving Mr. Banks, Walter Mitty, and The Hobbit), celebrated Liam's 1st and Blake's 2nd birthday, learned some new games, had a New Year's Eve party with friends, and spent almost every day with family - thanks everyone for the great trip!!

The pink train from Grandma Howe - she loves it!!

Top Golf with the family - I hit the ball well, but not at any of the targets. If there was a flag in front of that sand trap on the right my score would have been awesome.

New Year's Eve for Sophie and her "friend cousins" - Malouf girls on the left, Sophie in the middle, and Walker girls on the right.

Bowling with the whole gang

And one last picture of this cute girl

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