December 19, 2013

Sophie at 9 Months

Sophie turned 9 months today! Oh this baby makes me smile. She has been drooling like crazy (that is a drool string hanging off her chin), but we have finally come to the end of the daily spit ups - hooray! She has also stopped leaking out the front of her diaper at night, and now sleeps from about 7:30 pm to 7:30 am. Now that she is sleeping longer at night, Sophie makes good use of her waking hours. She is so busy all the time and sometimes putting on a diaper or getting her dressed feels like wrestling an alligator. At least she doesn't bite :)

Sophie at 9 Months
  • 28 inches and 19.5 pounds
  • Has 7 teeth, 3 on top and 4 on bottom
  • Loves to say "hi" to people by reaching her hand out to them. She will try to get their attention even if they are all the way across a room. 
  • Will hand you whatever she is playing with if you hold your hand out to her
  • Thinks it is very funny to try and share her binky with us
  • Is still a great eater. We have added banana to her morning meal and she has gotten good at picking up small pieces with her fingers. She also loves it when we help her drink water with a straw.
  • One of her favorite activities lately has been riding in the shopping cart, but not in the seat up front. She likes to sit, or stand, in the main cart part and say "hi" to all the shoppers. Sometimes I take her to the store and push her around even though I'm not shopping for anything. 
  • Now says "mama" and "dada," along with a whole lot of other nonsense words
And some other random pictures: 

Present thief - Sophie stole daddy's birthday present off the chair all by herself

Teething has made her turn into a beaver. She loves to gnaw on anything she can find. Good thing we don't care too much about our coffee table!

And it snowed about 4 inches at our house today!

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