December 17, 2013

Meeting the Big Man

Tonight we went out to eat at Tucanos with Natalie and Brodie to celebrate Dave's birthday, which was yesterday, and Nat's birthday, which is at the end of the month. As always we ate way too much, but it was delicious :) On our way out we noticed a little Santa Station set up in the middle of the Riverwoods shops, and since there was no line, we dropped in for a quick visit.

Even though Sophie loves everyone, I  still thought she would cry because that's what babies do when you set them on Santa's lap. She proved me wrong, however, and gave Santa a big grin :)

Was she a good girl this year? I think so!

And yes we are bad parents who forgot our baby's coat. We wrapped her up in a blanket after and she stayed nice and warm. 8 days until Christmas, 5 days until we fly to Texas, and only 3 days left until Christmas Break - hooray!!

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AmyH said...

So cute!! I have lovely sobbing photos of both my kids with Santa :) Maybe if Anne had seen this before we visited Santa this year she would've been a little braver...