December 30, 2013

Christmas in Texas - Mystery Dinner

Last week Tim and Cindy hosted another Howe Family Christmas Mystery Dinner. They put together a themed "Clue" type game to play as a family and fed us all dinner and dessert - it was awesome! This year we were invited to dress up like a family of snowmen. We set the bar pretty high with Dave's grinch costume two years ago, so we wanted to go all out again this year.

Sophie wore a shirt with a snowman face and Dave and I dressed in white. My hat was from the thrift store, and we made Dave and Sophie's hats out of felt. We also made some buttons from felt, a couple carrot noses out of orange paper, and painted our faces. Dave then took his costume to the next level by stuffing his top and bottom half with pillows. I thought he looked amazing!!

The Snowmen Family - I love Sophie's "what's wrong with my parents" expression in this picture

Sophie was after my carrot nose all night

Snowmen in Profile

Greg, Amy, Ally, Jack, and Emma as a family of elves

Dad and Mom as Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread Man

Liz as Susie Snowflake

And an attempt at a group photo


AmyH said...

Those are great! You should hang onto them for Halloween next year! I'm sure you could find/make another shirt like that for Sophie in a bigger size

Angela said...

Those costumes were so fun to see. What a clever idea for a Christmas party.