October 30, 2013

Ward Halloween Party 2013

Tonight we went to our ward Halloween party dressed as farmers with our little chicken. We even dressed up Sophie's binky by using some yellow construction paper to turn it into a beak. Everyone thought she looked adorable. I thought we looked pretty cute too :)

It took Sophie a little while to adjust to her costume... She had a hard time crawling with the chicken feet on, and we could barely buckle her into her car seat to get to the church. 

Howe Family Farmers at the party

Wearing daddy's hat after we got home


Unknown said...

Oh Sophie-girl...if you would just take longer naps at my house you'd be such a happier girl. I promise! But seriously, cutest chicken ever! Love her.

Angela said...

What fun costumes. I especially liked the binky beak.

AmyH said...

Looks like she'd prefer to be a nude farmer :)

Heather Curtis said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

The Palmers said...

hahahah perfect costumes. LOVE the lil chick. love the chub!