October 20, 2013

Sophie at 7 Months

Sophie turned 7 months yesterday! She has changed sooo much in the last month, the biggest change being learning how to crawl. She started out with an inch worm/army crawl and progressed to real crawling in just a couple weeks. She is now always on the move and is really enjoying being able to chase down what she wants, especially if it's not something she's supposed to have. Dave and I are quickly learning how to baby proof a house :)

Sophie at 7 Months
  • Has started solid foods, and so far we have not found anything she will not eat. She opens her mouth wide, waves her arms and goes, "mmmm, mmmm" while eating. She eats solids twice a day, and nurses about 6 times a day.
  • Still has no "stranger danger" and seems to like anyone who will pay attention to her. Today she crawled over to a man in Sunday School and started playing with his shoes. He picked her up and she happily sat on his lap for the rest of class. 
  • Loves to play with paper, sweatshirt strings, cords, baby food lids, phones, remote controls, and door stops (the "boingy" kind). 
  • Has begun to show more interest in reading and especially likes touch-and-feel books and books with pictures of babies. We have started making weekly trips to the library to pick out new books. 
  • Is still very attached to her binky. We lost it last week and are now using the back up. I tried to buy her some new ones, but she spits them out, so we are now keeping very close tabs on the one we have. 
  • Will not win any awards for sleeping - she went from waking up just once at night, to waking 3-5 times, which has been quite frustrating. Our goal this month is to see if we can help her learn to sleep better. 
At the fall pumpkin display we found during our trip to Home Depot on Saturday - afterwards she had hay stuck to her whole body, including her bottom inside the diaper :)

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AmyH said...

So cute! I can't wait to see her and squish those cheeks! I still cannot believe she is crawling. Anne was just learning to sit at 7 months :)